Terms and Conditions


If CitySounds.Travel fails to deliver when you have paid for a guide – then once you bring that to our attention we will take steps to get it to you as quickly as possible – certainly within twelve hours of being notified of the non-delivery.

It’s a bit harder to define our policy on matters of taste. Audio guides are – of their very nature – a personal view of what Tim Richards selects as “interesting”. These audio guides are not the same as a guidebook which has almost infinite amounts of factual content.

Clearly we try to keep our audio guides up to date, but we cannot guarantee that every fact is valid. The world changes fast but we try to keep up!

If a buyer does not like our “tone” ( after being able to hear more than fifty sample clips on the various country pages ) then I’m afraid there’s not a lot we can do.

We’ll refund payment for our technical failure to deliver ( and which we fail to rectify ) but there’s no comeback against our “style” or choice of content.