Let’s start by climbing 400 steps to top of great campanile in Campo. This is where that crazy horse race the Palio is held using bare-back horses. The 17 medieval Contrada ( or districts of Siena) compete. The local bank was created in 1472 !! Visit the Fortezza di Santa Barbara home of the Enoteca Nazionale … national wine collection which you can sample; travel out of Siena to tyaste the great Chianti wines… Brunello di Montalcino is one of the greatest. In the city explore intimate courtyards; day trip through Tuscan scenery to the city of towers – San Gimigniano… Siena remained unspoilt and undelevoped because a third of its population died in the Black Death plague. It never recovered its power but no one built high rise buildings here either which is brilliant for the modern-day tourist !