PARIS – pt 3 – updated 2017

Part three of our tour of Paris takes us to the Catacombs where skeletons were moved and reburied underground as Haussmann was rebuilding the elegant centre of Paris we see all around us today. They emptied medieval graveyards and had to put the bones somewhere ! The visit is NOT smelly or frightening !  We take a walking tour of the quaint Marais district… discover some unusual shops (one sells nothing but products from France’s monasteries and convents!) … and get some important tips on getting around the city… bikes, the Metro, taxis. It’s all made on location and with help from Barbara, an excellent guide at We’ll enjoy a lively street market on the Boulevard Raspaille and drop into La Coupole – one of the iconic, art deco restaurants of Montparnasse where the literary and arty crowd gathered in the 1920s and 30s. We’ll also stop for a drink in Harry’s American Bar a popular hangout for ex-pats like Cole Porter and George Gershwin in the late 1920s. This guide runs to thirty minutes.