OXFORD – pt 1 – fresh content 2017

Great photo courtesy of Arnaud Malon.  Oxford is one of a handful of great tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. There is centuries of history in this city. It was the capital of England during the Civil War of the 17th century when King Charles I moved his court here. The colleges make up some of Britain’s most stunning architecture and many great figures from world history studied or taught here. Because it is above all a university city the students make sure it’s a lively place for a visit. We’ll tour some colleges – including Christchurch where Hogwarts was first filmed and modelled on – and walk through Christchurch Meadow right beside where “Alice in Wonderland” lived; stroll the Botanical Gardens; listen to students sing from a church tower at dawn on May Day; enjoy Oxford’s excellent indoor market; and drink  some where Tolkien and C.S.Lewis used to discuss their books. These two guides run to 23 and 30 minutes.