Our guided walking tour will take you to … the famous Cafe del Professori;  we’ll discover Naples brilliant energy despite its reputation for crime; see the five storey elegant Gallery Umberto; ride one of the four funiculars worth a trip to the city hilltops; be amazed or horrified depending on your religious point of view in the Cathedral of San Gennaro … with its saint’s blood miracle. Stroll village-like districts where some people shop by lowering a basket to the street; hear about Carved Christmas cribs; Naples of course is the original home of pizza; take the cheap train to Sorrento stopping at Herculaneum Roman excavations; lunch at Sorrento harbour; visit Limoncello lemon liquer makers; Castel D’Uovo area for eating; Via Partenope chic; day-trip Hydrofoil to island of Ischia.