Village drum beating in Kota Bharu. Kiteflying and Top Spinning. World’s most amazing Trishaw ! Down east coast to Tanjong Jara beach resort. Turtles lay eggs here. Hyatt Kuantan. try Satay .. it means ‘beef on stick’ with peanut, garlic, ginger, chilli and lemon grass sauce. From KL to the Old Smokehouse in Cameron Highlands. Tea plantation, farm with tropical rarities like cabbages, carrots. Buddhist Temples. Waterfalls for a picnic. Ipoh to Penang by road. Snake Temple. Finally to Melaka.. great town. Dutch colonial buildings and Portuguese Fort. Malaysia mostly Moslem. mix of Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu intriguing. Roadside market stalls brilliant and safe Gula Melaka with sago pudding. Singapore before flying home. Raffles Hotel. Boat harbour trips, Ming Village.