GOA – pt 1

These two guides to Goa have been completely remade in 2014. Hear all about the incredible beaches with rough-and-ready “shack” restaurants – they can provide some of the best eating you’ll find. Beach sports include parascending. This guide is based in the north half of Goa at Candolim. Discover Old Goa the colonial capital from the 1500s under Portugal. Francis Xavier’s remains buried here. Remarkable old cathedral and basilica buildings. Goa is more laid back and less hostile to alcohol than the rest of India. Anjuna market for all sorts of tourist tat – but fun. Watch out for the cobra snake charmers ! Goa coastline, climate and geography explained. Ancient Portuguese Fort Aguada. Coach trip inland to see Hindu temples and spice gardens around Ponda. Find out about cardamom, cloves, chili and ginger. Goan cuisine – not all hot and spicy; Vindaloo was originally “wine and garlic”. Restaurants very reasonably priced. These guides run to nineteen and seventeen minutes