Listen to the muted sounds of Cambridge’s morning rush hour as thousands of bicycles create a gentle purring and rattling noise. This is so much more civilised than the huge cities of the world with their diesel pollution and traffic roar. Join me on a guided tour to where Rutherford split the atom. Find out about the earliest computers; Try and imagine how Crick and Watson ran to the Eagle pub and revealed they’d discovered DNA – and the meaning of life. Have a pint in the American air force bar … where WWII fliers burned their names into the ceiling. It’s all still there after seventy years. Walk through exquisite and unique King’s College chapel. See the Courtyard of Trinity College… ‘Chariots of Fire’ race. Newton’s Apple tree. Lively pub scene, best handpumped Beers. Unusual shops. Teddy Bears in college blazers ! Hear the fabulous street musicians like the guy who calls himself the ‘Cambridge Fiddling Chronic Orchestra’. Learn to Punt on the River Cam… an older and shorter piece but still completely current.