Bologna is known in Italy as “the fat one” because of its fine food and wealth – from ancient times through to successful modern industry and technology.  So join me around the weekend market on Via Independenza. At a great choc shop founded in 1796, and also at a specialist kitchen; hat shops; brilliant deli; the Fountain in Neptune Square;the  oldest European University from 1088; with its amazing medical dissection theatre; while eating at Bucca San Pietro; many other fine restaurants, La Colombina recipe. Discover the real Bolognese sauce recipe. And something you never expected and that’s Leaning Tours … more so than Pisa …the Asinelli and Garisenda; see the Arcades from c13th; Passegiata window shopping and drinking; Here’s another oddity – the brass line on cathedral floor which is a solar calendar… sunlight shines through hole in the roof.