BODRUM – Turkey

Ephesus (Efes) where St Paul preached in the Theatre against the Goddess Diana in Acts Chapter 19. Amazing library of Celsius and the communal activity of the lavatories ! Hire car to Pamukkale. Mineral water from hot springs into swimming polls strewn with Roman columns ! Pamukkale white rock from calcium. Extraordinarily beautiful. Predominantly Muslim country with call to prayer through distorted loudspeakers. Great local markets in Bodrum and other small towns. Cheap fake t-shirts. Dolmus the overcrowded local minibuses – means “stuffed full”, we got 25 people in one ! Baby doughnuts in syrup from a stall for dessert. Turkey great for low cost but quality leather jackets. Turkish carpets explained. Tourists say local people generous and welcoming. Costs still comparatively low. Prices low – but not this low – this programme is ageing a bit now although the main attractions remain the same today.