BEZIERS – pt 1 – updates for 2017

Beziers is one of the most attractive and ancient cities in the south west of France. The historic centre sits on a bluff towering above the River Orb, which is itself crossed by France’s oldest working canal – the Canal du Midi – with its remarkable flight of seventeenth century locks at Fonserannes. From a distance the old fortified cathedral of St Nazaire dominates the skyline. Beziers dates back to Roman times and it still retains an ancient centre of narrow streets, but with the elegant Alle Paul Riquet linking the older city to the spacious park – the Plateau des Poetes. The city has a population of around seventy thousand and is just six miles from the Mediterranean. Tim Richards has been exploring Beziers on foot… these guides run to twenty and twenty-four minutes. Do enjoy them and your visit to Beziers !