BERLIN – Day 1 – pm – 2017 UPDATES

Berlin is one of Europe’s great, historic cities. As capital of a wealthy, reunited Germany it offers all the pleasures of the flesh too … interesting eating and drinking and shopping. But obviously it is also Berlin’s troubled history that excites visitors. Berlin had been a liberal, left-of-centre kind of place before the Nazis took power in 1933. From then on it’s had a very difficult history as capital of the Third Reich and then the flashpoint between Russian Communism and Western Capitalism from 1945 until the Wall came down in 1989. But that is precisely what makes Berlin such a fascinating place to visit ! There are four parts to the tour. The two parts of Day One largely follow a superb Berlin walking tour of the main historic sights with Tim then making more detailed side visits to museums and other places the tour passes. Day Two takes you to the redeveloped, high-rise Potsdammer Platz with its film museum and then goes out to Potsdam ( for the spy exchange bridge and the villa where the Final Solution was agreed ). On to the 1936 Olympic Stadium. We’ll also get to the St Nicholas Quarter, some top shops and take in a couple of Berlin’s most interesting restaurants. Between the four parts you’ll get a very lively, very informative guide totalling just under two hours in all. Enjoy !

The four Berlin guides fully updated and refreshed November 2014.