Church carillons play tunes as distinctive as the city’s canals. Elegant Architecture and painting… Rembrandt in Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt House museum. Tragic story of Ann Frank house… Jewish girl deported by Nazis after hiding for years. Canalboat trip always turns up something new. Visit Diamond merchant to watch cutting. Fine eating … Indonesian Rice Table. Restaurant Five Flies everything is from 17th century and from Holland including some Rembrandt originals. Day two – a day-long stroll through the Flower market, Delft china shop – cheap and classy, Dutch tulip bulb museum, a bar for Netherlands special winter, dark beers, a brilliant cheese shop, a bicycle hire company – an Amsterdam must, a superbly tasty Herring and fish lunch stall, the world’s biggest bike park ! newer design hotels and clubbing, trendy, bar scene; Albus Grand Hotel. Runs to 28 minutes.