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Tim Richards CitySounds.Travel

Tim Richards CitySounds.Travel

For Tim Richards audio is the greatest of all media for telling people about our planet’s magical destinations. For Tim  –  who edits and owns CitySounds.Travel   –  both video and film can be too literal… but audio is brilliantly evocative.   It conjures such a powerful ‘sense of place’ !

That’s why Tim has always insisted that all his guides must be made ‘on-location’. There’s no point in writing scripts at your desk in the city’s suburbs and recording in a sterile studio.

So who is this Tim Richards? Well he’s been at the sharp end of journalism – turning out award-winning work in newspapers, for BBC radio and television and now on the internet for many years.

He’s worked in news and travel from Svalbard at 79 degrees north right to the Equator in Borneo. He’s made audio guides in North and South America, Europe, Africa and widely across Asia. And he gets a great kick hearing from people who’ve followed his travel advice and enjoyed his audio guides. So drop him an email  Tim@CitySounds.Travel

Tim has won awards from the Canadian Government for his travel audio; an ‘England for Excellence’ as best UK travel journalist in 1992; best UK radio feature from the British Guild of Travel Writers for 2008. In 2006 Tim created his first, award-winning Audio Travel Guide website. This has now developed into CitySounds.Travel. In 2010 Tim was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He travels with his partner Liz Dixon who contributes on air to many guides. They live in St Dogmaels in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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