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My audio travel guides are always recorded on location. So you will hear the background sounds of great cities – their markets, their trams, their echoing cathedrals – the very heart of their busy, daily life.

CitySounds.Travel guide gives you all the evocative sounds, the interviews and the insights into what makes a destination tick.

Hear the bells ring out over Florence … hear a Jamaican humming bird feed from your hand … how Marrakesh comes alive at night in Djem el Fnaa … how the world’s first Ghetto got its name.

Many audio guides from other websites are made by people simply re-writing guidebooks and recording the dreary words in boring voices in their bedroom. That’s NOT how we do it at CitySounds.Travel.

Our audio travel guides are the liveliest anywhere and we have five international awards to prove it!

Dip into frequently changing Top Twenty or look at the hundreds of guides on our “country” pages. There are more than fifty clips of sample audio for you to get an idea of our lively, informative and sometimes amusing content.

Audio travel guides – a random selection from our Top Twenty Travel Guides

These two London guides have been totally refreshed for 2015. There’s added content from the Cutty Sark in Greenwich; from the London Transport Museum which has just been celebrating 150 years of the London “Tube” underground railway; and much more…

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All the tours start at Edinburgh Castle - so does this one - because it is the very essence of Scotland's identity. It has the Scottish crown jewels - and the annual military tattoo. The Royal Mile is well worth…